A Week of Moving = Tired Troy and Firda

So we’ve basically been moving for the past week.
Here’s a timeline:
Monday – We get possession of the house. Pick up the keys in the afternoon. Move two loads of boxes and some furniture to the house. I put together our Ikea bed so we can spend the night.
Tuesday – I spend the day at work rushing around trying to get as much stuff as he can get done before his “vacation” starts. Firda paints the bathroom – I help when I get home from work. I also have lunch at home for the first time (in Stratford that is). We were hoping to get another load of stuff from Waterloo but don’t have enough time so we plan on Wednesday.
Wednesday – My first day on “vacation”. We paint the living room (with accent wall). We make a trip to Waterloo and get another load of stuff.
Thursday – We paint most of the master bedroom and touch up the living room. We go to Waterloo – spend 7 to 8 hours packing and bring another load of stuff back to Stratford.
Friday – We spend most of the day finishing up the master bedroom and paint the dining room. We were planning on going to Waterloo to finish up the packing but we are running really late and decide to go early Saturday. We also get our new phone line today and can surf so I set up the computer.
Saturday – We get up at 6:45 and are in Waterloo between 8 and 8:30. We spend this time until 10:00 crazily packing. At 10:00 am my parents, brother and friend (Joe) arrive and the major packing excursion occurs. We pack up almost all of the apartment and get it into the van, 2 trucks, 1 trailer and 1 Chevy Optra 5-door hatchback by 12:00 to 12:30. There is one more load of stuff left at the apartment (mostly wall hangings, plants and two shelves in a closet). The four vehicles create a convey which causes traffic holdups for kilometers but we make it to Stratford in an hour or so since we took it slow. The unpacking was done within an hour – with the basement and the second spare bedroom completely packed. The dining room looked like a furniture showroom (mostly book cases). We order in pizza, and drink beers on the porch, which was the first time in the week we had a chance to chill out. My brother spends the night and is officially our first overnight guest – sleeping on the IKEA bed since Firda and I set up our bedroom on Saturday as well. We were thankful for the weather since it looked like rain all morning but we only hit a couple minutes of it on our drive to Stratford (don’t worry all the furniture and such were wrapped in tarps).
Sunday – Firda and I see my brother off in the morning (around 10:00). We then unpack the kitchen supplies, fix up the bedrooms, start dispersing the furniture from the dining room and fix up the living room. And that brings us to the present. We are planning on making a plant run to Waterloo today. If we can bring everything we will but I don’t know if it will be possible. We also need to make a Salvation Army or Goodwill run (or hold a garage sale) sometime soon since we have a couple boxed of things we don’t need anymore).
Well back to work. I should see how Firda is doing upstairs.

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  1. I just have to say it’s been so fun to watch the evolution of Troy and Firda, from the time you guys were just chatting back and forth overseas to where you are now.
    Congratulations on your new home!!!

  2. Thanks Hed. It is interesting isn’t it? More interesting when you’re living it 🙂

  3. Your post reminded me how tiring moving is. But it’s worth it once you’ve got it mostly done!

  4. Nit

    Congrats on your new house, Troy! Moving is tiring but it’s fun and exciting because after the whole thing is over, you get to enjoy the results of your hard work. 🙂