Accidents, Celebrities and Life

It’s been a while since I posted here. In the last three weeks a bunch of big things have happened.

First thing – over two weeks ago I was in Kitchener, Ontario. I was stopped at a stop light when I heard a screeching sound behind me and then the sudden impact of a car rear-ending me. The guy who rear-ended me was a 20 year old university student driving his Dad’s 1994 BMW, which was in great shape. My car had to be towed back to Stratford and eventually I was told by the insurance company that it was a write-off. They gave me a cash settlement and we started the look for a new car. My poor little car, Syd (Six Years in Debt) was destined for car heaven. It was a sad day when Firda and I went to clean Syd out before the insurance company towed it away.

Thankfully my insurance company covered a car rental for close to two weeks. In this time Firda researched, we test drove and ultimately decided on the 2011 Honda Fit, which is another 5 door hatchback with amazing cargo space. We don’t travel light so we need the space 🙂 We picked up Fynd (Five Years New Debt) on Saturday and took him for a short drive to Kitchener (going through the intersection where Syd was killed.

On Friday we were invited to a taping of the Rick Mercer Report (a Canadian current event comedy show) by a friend who got tickets at the end of last year. I took the day off of work so Firda and I would be able to hang out in Toronto before the taping. We ended up hanging out on Queen Street (which is quite the hipster section of town). We had macaroons at Nadege Patisserie, checked out the Lomography store, viewed a couple of National Film Board animations at the NFB Mediatheque, visited the CBC Museum, and had food at Kama Indian Buffet.

The taping of the Rick Mercer report was very interesting and went smoothly (no need for more than one take). Though the meet and greet with Rick Mercer was even better. When Firda and I got up to Mr. Mercer he looked at Firda and asked “did you have Indian food tonight?”. The first thing that came to my mind was “did one of us burp and did he smell it?”, but he politely explained that he had read Firda’s tweet from earlier that day when she tweeted “Will be spending today in TO. Will meet up with friends later for Indian dinner and then see @rickmercer report taping live at the CBC!”. He let us know that he usually has about an hour of free time in his change room before the show and occasionally checks to see if anyone posts about being in the audience for the taping. He said that he recognized Firda from her pictures, and more specifically the shape of her glasses. That made our day/night.

The rest of the night was spent having a quick drink (non-alcoholic for me and Firda) at the Tiff Lightbox Blackberry Lounge before heading home.

All in all a great weekend. Lots of fun.

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  1. kaley

    I’m sorry about Syd – but my sister and Matt have a Fit that they love – I hope Fynd will blaze his own trail with you guys! So very cool about the Rick Mercer meet and greet – glad he is as cool as I’d hoped!