America: My thoughts (really short thoughts at that)

Dear Americans,
I am both proud and disappointed in you.
I am proud that you decided to strive for change by voting the first black president. You as a nation have raised above your racist past and look forward to the future.
On the other hand I am disappointed in Florida, California and Arizona for voting against gay marriage. What I hope is that the GLT communities in these states and all across America raise up and make their voices heard. These communities will do this! They will fight for their rights and they will get them – eventually. It may take time but these communities deserve the same rights as two loving people on the opposite sex – but this is just part of my socialistic Liberal leanings. I’m sure the current Canadian conservative government would take away the right to gay marriage if they could, but they wouldn’t survive the next election.
Please America. Get your ducks in order. People should be treated as equals no matter if they are black, white, asian, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, gay, transexual, hetero, etc.

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  1. just because i voted for mccain does not mean i’m racist. it means i wanted someone with actual military experience in power.
    also, i’m completely for gay marriage.
    this wasn’t meant to be a snarky comment — just letting you know how i feel.