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Tomorrow is Friday. I’m so happy. The weekend is the only time Firda and I can really do whatever we feel like. Work seems to interfere with life, but I know work is a part of life. After commuting to work and getting home I have about 5 hours to spend with Firda, and taking care of the things that need to be done (i.e. groceries, oil changes, etc etc.). It seems kind of sad that not even a quarter of my day is spent with Firda and leisure time. That is why Firda and I both live for the weekends.
What do we do with our weekends? If the weather is right we usually head out to some picturesque place so Firda can hone her photographing skills. Thrift stores are also visited, if any cross our travel paths. If the weather isn’t right we will find something to do. Watch DVDs, go to the movies, just hang out and read, talk, play games.
I appreciate all the time I get to spend with Firda. Only one more day till the weekend!!! Yipee!!

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  1. hed

    Awwww! That reminds me of myself and Mr. Hed before we started having kids!