Another reason I hate Microsoft….

I really hate when I am away from my computer for an extended amount of time and then come back to realize that they system has done a “system update” and rebooted.
I also hate how I am currently working on the computer, it has just finished a system update and it asked me every five minutes if I would like to restart the system, plus it gives me a countdown so if I don’t restart it will make me restart (see the previous paragraph). I politely say I will “Restart Later” but it won’t take no for an answer.
Almost as annoying as Excel and Word not working together, but that is another rant completely.

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  1. You could try setting Windows Update to ask you before installing updates. I think this way it will tell you it has updates ready to install allowing you to start the install yourself, or if you don’t, it will install updates when the computer shutdowns.
    (I hope this works, I’m only a casual Windows user — I use a Mac most of the time.)

  2. I thought about doing that but I’m only use the computer for a while, until mine is fixed, so I don’t want to screw around too much with the settings.
    I think the main that bugs me is that “no thanks” doesn’t mean “no thanks” with Microsoft. It actually means “bug me in a couple of minutes”.

  3. I especially hate when my computer restarts in the middle of the night (presumably after having done a Windows Update), and wakes me up.