Another Weekend Down

Another weekend has come and gone. Friday night was spent running around to stores, and picked up a couple things for the Wii. The rest of the night was spent reading, playing Wii and watching TV (exciting isn’t it?).
Saturday night friends of ours in Guelph had a surprise engagement party. They announced their engagement to everyone, though most of us had a feeling that this was going to happen soon. The party was fun, as their parties always are. There was some excitement when the back of our friend Joe’s shirt started on fire (due to a candle behind him). Myself and another guy slapped the flame out with our hands. I ended up getting burns on four of my fingers (since the shirt was made of some synethic blend which melts partial instead of burning – meaning I had melted shirt stuck to my fingers), which have turned into nine lovely blisters. Deservingly Joe is now known as “Hot-Ass”. Though at the same party he was also known as “IceMan” because he was the guy who broke the large bag of ice up – the name was given to him by a highly intoxicated girl.
Sunday was a rather relaxing day. Firda and I went “shopping”. I picked up a new pillow and some PS2 games (I’m a game-a-holic) from Zellers. I picked up a Pogo comic book from Value Village. Plus we hit two Asian food markets to restock supplies 🙂
Now it’s time for the Amazing Race. And Heroes on a special time. Hope you all had a good weekend.

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  1. Owww. Melted shirt is not good for your hands! Didn’t you know???
    Sounds like an interesting weekend, for sure. And that reminds me that I will probably need to move one of my candelabras at our next party, lest that happens to one of my unlucky, unwitting friends!

  2. Hed: It’s not that I didn’t know. It’s just that I didn’t have enough time to think. If I had time to think I would have thrown the apple juice I was drinking on the fire. It all happened pretty quickly and myself and the other guy (and my friend Joe who was on fire) were the only people who reacted. I guess the rest of the people were too drunk, or mesmerized by the fire.

  3. Ha ha! Well, that and how could you actually know that a shirt would melt? Hope your hand is doing better soon!