So ever since we’ve been told the house is ours (and a little before) I’ve been a little anxious. Excited, but also anxious.
All these scenarios running through my head. I know many of these scenarios are remote but I can’t help them from running through my head.
But the saving grace has been Firda. She’s been keeping me sane and keeping my head screwed on properly. I also know my family will always be there for us if we need them.

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  1. smoosh

    I think that’s normal. it’s a big investment. But once you get all the initial investment out of the way, it stabilizes and you start to feel just like you are paying rent, but better, because its yours.

  2. she

    i’m so excited for you and firda! it’s been nice to see your relationship grow and blossom over the years via your sites!
    i answered your question in today’s ask she wednesday. please stop by to comment & ask another!

  3. kaley

    I get anxious buying a pint of milk these days – I’m sure it is much more normal to be worried about a big investment. But excited too! I’m sure – as Matt says (and he’s had some experience with these big events:)) that you’ll relax once it is yours and you know you are in control. Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Troy

    I’ll relax when I feel we have financial security 🙂

  5. Hed

    Wow. It’s beautiful. And I agree with Smoosh.