Apologies to everyone. My life is busy and all I seem to do is work, eat, study, watch a little TV and sleep. I’m studying for my Professional Engineering ethics and law exams, which are on Saturday December 11th. The study basically consists of reading two textbooks, attempt to memorize as much as I can, and then do some sample problems. It shouldn’t be too bad. I’ve already finished one of the textbooks (ethics, the bigger of the two) and am half way through the second one.
I can’t wait until the exam is over. I feel bad for Firda because she has to deal with my studying and not being able to do much during the week. I think after I’m done with the reading I will take a day or two off, to let the information sink in and also to keep myself sane.
In the meantime Firda is working on a new blog design so keep your eyes on her sorely neglected blog. I noticed an interesting meme on Kelly’s site which I might do to fill up some space on my sorely neglected blog.
So that’s my explanation/excuse for not blogging. I’ll be back at some point. Hopefully by that time Firda will be done her design and blogging again.

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  1. good luck for your exams! Study hard and play hard after.