April Fools

First of all I want to thank everyone you commented on the last post. I appreciate it. 🙂
Second of all I want to say that I’m disappointed that the number of sites with April fools templates are much lower this year than they have been in the past. That is the one thing I look forward to on April 1st. The only ones I’ve seen so far is for Homestarrunner.com, ThinkGeek and Neil’s World. There is also a funny Toronto Star article. I would imagine people are very busy this year which saddens me but I can understand. I shouldn’t be complaining since I’ve never partaken in any weblog April fools pranks.

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  1. Yeah Troy, I’ve been too busy this year to prepare an April Fools web page this year, since they take a lot of time which I don’t have… and nothing I make can possibly top my Shower Shack page back in 2002.
    I have, however, heard the argument that most people these days read weblogs using RSS aggregators (which is the main reason for me not to include textual contents in my own RSS — I want people to see presentation too) that it’s not worthwhile to make April Fools layouts. I incline to agree with them — though I’m not ruling out making crazy changes to my front page for “special occasions”… ;^)

  2. My April Fools prank is not posting anything to my weblog for this long. Hehe. I was tempted to post something about my demise for the occasion but then thought that it would be really mean so I didn’t. Sorry!

  3. Yeah Firda. I kinda missed the “Blooper” page you made a couple of years ago too. :^)

  4. Yay, someone noticed my joke! Unfortunately my host decided to move my site to a new server yesterday so I imagine the site would have been down for some people.