Back in the Loo

Finally I am back in Waterloo. The break was nice but it’s also nice to be back at school/work, though I really could use some time for my sleeping schedule to readjust. I finally have internet access at home again after figuring out that network hubs don’t make a whole lot of sense (why did it work before when there was a network cable plugged into the fifth port but decides that it won’t work now??).
Now to my holidays. I did very little. Played a lot of X-Box (specifically Jet Set Radio Future and Tony Hawk 4), watched a lot of movies (including The Two Towers and Star Trek: Nemesis) and slept in more than I should have (since on average I went to bed around 3 am).
Family functions were rather downplayed this year. The Christmas Eve festivities were fun but much calmer than usual since my grandfather (on my dad’s side) hasn’t been feeling amazing for the past couple of months. Christmas day the group of relatives from my mom’s side that got together was smaller than it’s ever been, partially due to the fact that it’s the first Christmas without my grandmother around plus a lot of my aunts and uncles are now grandparents themselves. The Saturday after Christmas was interesting though. My dad, his brother and his father (plus families) were invited to a celebration with the extended family which included all of my great-uncles and great-aunts, second cousins, second cousin’s children and second cousin’s children’s children. It was actually kind of fun since I hadn’t seen a lot of these people for years so it was nice catching up and getting reacquainted with my extended relatives.
Unlike most other people I didn’t really gorge myself with food this Christmas season so I am as slim as I was at the beginning of the holidays (which means I still need to lose a couple of pounds). All in all it was an okay holiday but it’s nice to be back.

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  1. Am

    all that hubbing and networking mumbo jumbo doesn’t make any sense to me either.
    xbox must buys: DOA3. but only if u like 1-1 combat fighting games. =)

  2. A friend of mine had DOA3 and I loved it. Sadly he sold it a couple of months before I got my X-Box (or I would have bought it off him). The animation was amazing and as they say in the commercials “She kicks high!” 🙂 I tried the new Mortal Combat which was alright but it’s not DOA3.

  3. Firda

    Cousin’s children’s children? Whoa, you’re practically a grandpa! 🙂

  4. Whoops. I changed the entry to reflect that I was talking about my second cousins (so my dad’s cousins) children’s children. 🙂