Bad Troy!

So I’m lazy. I’ve been back for almost a week and haven’t updated my site. That’s typical of me. I’m not in the mood right now to tell stories. Maybe I will just make a list of the most interesting things I saw and did during my trip and if people want me to expand on them I will. So in no particular order. I:
– discovered the wonders of Irn Bru (which is a soft drink that outsells Coca-Cola in Scotland – I think only one of two with that honour [Inca cola in Peru is the other]) which I can actually purchase at the local supermarket!
– had a traditional Haggis dinner consisting of haggis, black pudding, neeps (turnips) and tatties (mashed potatoes). It was quite good and we even cooked another one up later in the week.
– experienced Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival. We didn’t get around to seeing any of the shows (since the couple of times we tried to buy tickets the shows were sold out) but we did get to experience the atmosphere.
– climbed Arthur’s seat (which Kristen pointed out is more a 251 meter hill than a 251 meter mountain) from which you get an amazing view of Edinburgh.
– saw Thomas the Tank Engine at the Aviemore train station.
– saw the Naked Rambler in Boat-On-Garten. I didn’t in a thousand years think we would ever run across this guy but through a weird sequence of events and delays we did. I’m now scarred for life.
– go a bag full of Duplo candies from my German friend, Robert and Bettina. I love Duplo!!! (they are hazelnut chocolate wafer candies kind of like Kit Kat but with hazelnut)
That’s enough for now. I have more memories of the trip but these are the ones that really stick out at the moment. Let me know if you want me to expand on any of the stories.

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  1. Iain

    I am indeed out of the loop. I had no idea!! Sound amazing… though I’m a wee bit jealous… I can’t wait to get there myself. Seem to be stuck in Korea … not for too much longer though!!

  2. did you like irn bru? that stuff is the best.hangover.cure.ever!

  3. Kristen: I loved Irn Bru. It has a weird taste. Kind of a super-carbonated cross between cream soda and orange pop. I have two bottles in my fridge at home (bought at the local supermarket) but since I don’t have a bottle opener right now (I just moved into my own place and am finding out that I need to go out and purchase a lot of stuff) I can’t drink them. 🙂