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I’ve been watching Big Brother 6 since the beginning of the season. Since the third week the people in the house have split into essentially two groups: the “Sovereigns” and the “Friendship”.
A little background before I get into the purpose of this post. Big Brother has these little things called “America’s Choice”, where the American public votes on things, such as who to let back into the house, which of the housemates gets a phone call from the outside, etc.
The thing that bugs me is that the “Friendship” thinks so highly of themselves and they can’t understand why the public likes the “Sovereign” group. When the public was asked to vote someone back into the house (from the houseguests who had been evicted) and the public selected someone from the “Sovereigns”. When the public was asked to vote who should recieve a phone call from the outside world they selected someone from the “Sovereigns”.
Like most people I think they find the “Friendship” group annoying, condesending, shallow, 2-D people. If you look at the popularity poll on the website you’ll notice a trend. The “Sovereigns” are in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th place, with the three independents at 5th, 7th and 14th place. The rest of the poll spots are filled by the “Friendship”.
Don’t get me wrong. I realize it’s TV. I realize the editors are clever and I’m sure the people in the “Friendship” are all very nice people. I’m just not surprised that they aren’t as liked as the other group.
Thus ends my pitiful television post. At least you’ve got something new to read 🙂

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