Big Fish

This past weekend I went home again (I seem to go home a lot) since I needed to trade off vehicles with my dad. Since it’s that time of the year my car needs to be e-tested (tested to make sure it passes environmental guidelines for cars) and it’s just easier to let my dad take care of it besides I think the car is still in his name.
The weekend wasn’t too exciting. I hung out with friends and it was good. On Saturday I went and saw Tim Burton’s “Big Fish“. Now I’m a Tim Burton fan. I like almost all of the stuff he has done. This movie was definitely not like any other Tim Burton movie. It wasn’t as dark as his prior movies (in both environment, lighting and story) excluding Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. For those of you who don’t know the movie is about a father and a son. The father told the son fantastic tales about his younger years which eventually causes a rift in their relationship. Several years pass and due to circumstances the son starts searching and trying to figure out what from the stories was fact and what was fiction. A lot of the movie is made up of these “big fish” tales that the father tells with the other plot interspersed. Tim Burton did a fantastic job of making an enjoyable family type movie. If your a diehard Tim Burton fan you may not like this change in style but for the rest of you the movie is well worth a viewing.

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  1. I really liked Big Fish. It was like almost like a Coen Bros. film, but also unmistakably Burton’s. I’m not a fan of most movies, but Big Fish was a fun little film.
    Although, as with all Burton films, I kept feeling like the underlying metaphor was floating just over my head. Burton’s films always make me feel that I might not have really understood the film on every level.