Blown Fuse

Sometimes I think I’m a complete idiot. We blew a fuse at Casa Troy and Firda earlier today. The fuse ran the outlet that the computer is on (along with the router, high speed modem, etc etc). I replaced the fuse, turned on the computer, setup the router (since it rebooted to it’s default settings) and then tries connecting to the net, only to find I couldn’t.
I checked all the cords. I rebooted the router, the modem and the computer. To no avail. I swallowed my “male pride” and called the customer help number. We went through a bunch of things to no avail. Still no connection.
Then he asked if I need to run a network connection program. Such a dummy. I ran it, it worked and I remembered that there was more router setup required. I just made the changes and am once again surfing the net like a champ. Stupid brain!!!

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