Busy Like A Dog That Shoots Bees From Its Mouth

Hello there. Remember me? This is my blog! I have to apologize for the lack of posts since Sunday. I’ve been quite busy at work/school which is really nice for a change. Usually it’s quite slow with nothing much going on but for the last two weeks things have gotten quite busy and I’m enjoying it. So that is the reason why I have had little time to post. I guess I could do it after work but by that point my brain shuts down and doesn’t like being tampered with! 🙂
In the meantime check out these links:
– remember the Star Wars Kid? If you don’t and/or you want to see interesting remixes of the Star Wars Kid video check this site out. While your there sign the petition to have the Star Wars Kid play a minor role in Star Wars: Episode III.
It’s Dat Woo Woo! Check out the video then play with the soundboard.
Have fun and I’ll post more soon.

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  1. It’s a well known fact that Bee Shooting Orifice Dogs are the busiest of all of the breeds. They tend to have a lot of things to take care of in a day. What, with all the bee shooting and all…
    Not to mention the paperwork. Don’t be fooled into thinking that those bees grow on dogs. Nope. They’re imported from all over the world. You see, most BSOD’s are born with an affinity to a particular type of bee. Breeders have been trying to track down the gene that defines the bee preference, but so far, they have come up empty handed.
    Once in a blue moon a BSOD will be born that can shoot all types of bees. These are usually put down, or quarantined is specially designated bee free zones. The fear is that if these dogs are allowed to breed, it may increase the chances of a super race of BSOD’s dominating the globe.
    Without needing to bring along their own bees, Super BSO Soldier Dogs would be a highly mobile and adaptable killing force.
    Oh yes…And you thought Bee shooting dogs were all fun and games….