Busy Week

It’s been a really busy week in the world of academia and now it’s time for a much needed weekend. I’ve put more time into my thesis in the last week than I have any other week before and it’s drained me right out. I just want to go home, finish reading Pincher Martin by William Golding, watching some TV or a movie and then falling off to sleep. Maybe not in that order but always ending with sleep.
One thing of interest is that on my way into school today I saw 124 motorbikes. They all had riders and they were all driving away from the direction I was going. Why did I see so many motorbikes? Isn’t the answer obvious? It’s Friday the 13th. You see every Friday the 13th thousands of bikers decend on the small town of Port Dover. The population of the town balloons from 3,500 to around 50,000 for the day and then it’s business as usually on Saturday the 14th. Port Dover is on Lake Erie and is about 30 minutes south from my parents place. I’ve been to the Friday the 13th festivities several times and it’s always quite interesting. Lots of bikes, lots of bikers and lots of booze. I don’t plan on going down this time but it should be interesting.

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