Canadian Citizenship

I’ve been neglecting this blog. In the last couple of months a lot of big changes have happend with Firda and I. On March 28, 2011 Firda became a card-carrying Canadian citizen. She wrote and passed her citizenship test a little over a month before her oath ceremony.

The day of the oath I took the day off of work – for lunch we met up with my parents, two of my aunts and one uncle. They also accompanied Firda at her citizenship ceremony – of which I believe Firda had the largest support posse. The ceremony was interesting with the “citizenship judge” keeping the atmosphere light and joyous. After his opening statements everyone said the oath, recieved their citizenship documentation from the judge, signed the required documents and sang “O Canada”.

Following the ceremony we headed over to the passport office (which is just around the corner from where the ceremony took place). 15 minutes later and Firda’s passport application was in. A week and a day later she recieved it. We can now official travel outside of Canada without having to worry about getting a visa for her. We haven’t made plans on travelling outside of the country yet but we will at some point in the future.

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