Can’t Twitter



I signed up for Twitter yesterday – after being pressured into it by SMooSH and Firda. I wanted to post something on it but I can’t. The computer has logged me in as Firda (since she was using my machine while we were in Winter-peg) and when I try to log out it says “403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.”
So I can’t log out as Firda and I can’t log in as me. So sad 🙂
EDIT: Deleting all of the twitter cookies on my machine seemed to work for me. I can log in and post.

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  1. SMooSH

    Set it up so you can send it IM messages from Gmail chat. It works nicely…Yeah, that’s right…do what we say.
    What else can we pressure you into?

  2. Kirsi

    It’s actually quite fun, although I only follow a couple of people.