Caramilk Secret



A couple of days ago in one of SMooSH‘s rants he blantantly exclaimed “Who cares how they get the filling into those chocolate bars?
Well apparently this person does. He’s even started a petition to make Cadbury reveal it. I don’t really think petitions work on corporations but all the power to him. Pretty funny stuff 🙂
[I forgot to tell where I stole this link from: It was Eric at Music for Morning People]

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  1. Eric

    Psst… Do a ‘whois’ lookup on the domain name. Props to Cadbury. 😉

  2. Troy

    Good god. That’s funny. Cadbury is the best. 🙂

  3. [email protected]

    it is not cadbury! it is i! who is i? i cannot tell you… or they will hit me with another letter. or a ninja. or some pigs.
    ps thanks for the… how you say?… “props”…