Cars + Repairs = $$$

So for the past couple of weeks my car has been making a squeaking noise when I back out of my parking space and when I turn corners. I didn’t think much of it. I knew it should be looked at but I didn’t think it was major.
Today I took my car in. I figured it was about time for an oil change and I thought I would get them to look at my brakes (since the inspection is free) and check out the squeak in the front axel. They finished the oil change with no problem and then came the news. During their brake inspection they found out that the rear brake wheel cylinder was leaking and would need to be replaced. Along with that the rear brake show needed to be replaced.
The squeaking front axel issue ended up being the lower left balljoint. So I needed to get that replaced as well. They didn’t need to be replaced right away but since I am heading home for the weekend and will involve 2 hours of driving minimum so I got them to do all the repairs today.
The final damage was a little over 600 dollars, which is a lot for someone who gets paid a graduate students wage (which you will have to trust me, isn’t very much). I think when I get home I’ll have to ask my dad if I can borrow some money do I don’t have to carry a huge balance on my credit card which would cause the interest to build up.
Sometimes I wonder why I own a car. Luckily this is the first major repairs needed on this car. Hopefully it will be one of the last.

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  1. That’s quite a lot of money spent of the car repairs. Can’t you ask you dad to sponsor instead of lend you the money? Heh. 😉