Christmas Based Questions

I posted this somewhere else but then thought I’m interested with what my readers think about Christmas so I’ve come up with a little Christmas Quiz. I realize that some of my readers do not celebrate Christmas so maybe you want to tell us what your religion does around this time of the year.
1. Are you pro- or anti-Christmas? What about it do you like or dislike?
2. How old were you when you found out that Santa was fictional? What was the experience like?
3. Have you finished your shopping yet? Do you really believe that anyone shops for Christmas before December?
4. Favorite christmas carol? Why?
5. Do you get any time off at Christmas and if so what are you doing for your Christmas vacation?
I’ll post my answers in a while.

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  1. Firda

    I don’t celebrate Christmas and I’m not sure if I have a religion at all though I do believe in God and stuff, but my favourite Christmas carol is “Deck the Halls”. I actually sing it throughout the year 🙂

  2. 1. I don’t really care. One more opportunity to party, why discard it?
    2. I’ve never been told foolish stories about the old fat Coca-Cola man.
    3. No. Haven’t even started yet. I believe some do shop before December. The same people that start carving pumpkins in September.
    4. “Petit Papa No

  3. 1. I like Christmas, but I wish it were less commercial.
    2. Santa isn’t real??!!
    3. I’ve never finished shopping before December.
    4. I like all the stupid novelty Christmas songs that come out every year.
    5. I’ve got all kinds of time off this year. I’m unemployed!

  4. I celebrate Hanukkah.
    1) I am pro-Hanukkah, because it is fun lighting the candles.
    2) I was over at my neighbor’s house, and she was talking about how she had all the presents hidden in the Attic. That’s when my suspicions about Santa were confirmed.
    3) I have not yet started shopping and Hanukkah starts on Friday night.
    4) I don’t have a favorite Christmas Carol, but the choir at my school sings a song titled, “Fruitcake” every year during the holidays. It’s funny.
    5) I’m a student so I get a winter break. I will be doing as little as humanly possible during this vacation.