Closing Ceremonies

The first part wasn’t too bad with the hand off of the Olympic flag to Sochi, Russia was as exciting as it could be. The presentation by Sochi was amazing with the theatrics and the orchestra playing in the Red Square.
The Olympic closing ceremonies are supposed to be the shining star at the end of the games. Sadly the only shining I saw was when Neil Young and Michael J. Fox took the stage. The “musical” selections were suppose to represent the best of Canada but the majority of artists came from Ontario with absolutely no representation from Altantic Canada. The only musical acts I enjoyed were Neil Young, Alanis and K-Os. Sadly I’m not a big fan of Nickelback, Simple Plan or Avril Lavigne.
The comedic elements were a little luck lustre as well. William Shatner did a skit that was very reminisent of his “I Am Canadian” sketch but not as funny. Then Catherine O’Hara did a “Canadian’s are so humble and polite” skit which got a few giggles out of me but fell short of funny. Michael J. Fox was the only good comedian and he didn’t play the crowd for laughs but was sincere.
I don’t know how this closing ceremony compares to other closing ceremonies but I sure hope Sochi does a better job in 4 years time. Thankfully a bad closing ceremony doesn’t tarnish the performances by the world’s athletes!

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