Closing the Cottage 2007

The cottage is closed for another year. We spent the past weekend up at the family cottage for one last weekend. The whole clan was there (mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, Firda and I). Surprisingly the weather was pretty good. It rained for most of Saturday but cleared up on Sunday where we had an unseasonably warm day (high of 31 Celsius).
I took Friday afternoon off so we could head up early (and take our time). We stopped at a couple of places along the way and 5 to 6 hours later we were at the cottage. The night was spent watching Torchwood (great show), playing cards, and reading.
Saturday was World Toy Camera Day so Firda and I headed out on a little photo expedition for the morning. The rain wouldn’t stop us!!! We headed down to Burk’s Falls to check out Peter Camani’s large and beautiful sculptures – specifically The Screaming Heads! Check out his site for more info.
Following the photo expedition we headed out to celebrate my brother and sister-in-laws 3rd anniversary. We had dinner in North Bay at a place called “Average Joe’s”. The food I had was pretty average – nothing special – but the place was nicer than it sounds.
On Sunday the weather cleared up and Firda was recruited to take family portraits. After an hour or so sessions portraits were done and we hung out until it was time to go home. It’s always sad when we are driving home from the cottage for the last time of the year.
Only 7 more months until we open it up again!

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! How far North is your cabin?

  2. It’s not too far away. Driving straight there would take 4 hours.
    It’s located just outside of South River, Ontario here
    So it’s not even considered North by you – Finland is way further north!

  3. Thanks Troy, it was fun and interesting to look at the map. 🙂