There are times when I really think I would kill to be able to attend the Coachella music and arts festival. Just look at the music lineup. I have to admit that past years look more exciting to me, but there are still a crap load of really cool bands/artists/DJs playing this year. This concert is like a musicphiles wet dream.
In reality though I don’t know if I could handle two days of concerts. I love music. I love seeing live shows. I don’t love having to deal with massive crowds of humans, shelling out hundreds of dollars so I can eat something and drink something for a weekend and/or having to attempt to sleep in a campsite where there is usually a minority of people who don’t want to sleep (since they will sleep through the day and miss all the good bands). Though I guess that is what these types of festivals are all about. Staying up all weekend, not caring about paying 5 dollars for a bottle of water and hanging out with thousands of complete strangers. I’m sure it would be a great time and I still would probably go if I had the chance. It just looks too good to pass up.

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  1. Yeah, there are always work-arounds with something like that… cheap places to stay, and the like. I’m somewhat familiar to where that is. It’s about an hour from where I lived down there. Shows like that are the most fun if you go with friends and get a couple of rooms to split with people. Usually pretty cheap that way, and you can get some much-needed, crowd free downtime, where you don’t have to pay for the water. It evens out.

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