Coffee Table

This past weekend Firda and I headed back to my parents place for Pumpkinfest, as I mentioned in the Friday post. Friday night we sped home to watch the Fireworks, which were actually pretty good.
Saturday was a bust. Sadly it rained all day, so we missed the parade. We did a bunch of running around though. Checked out the Brantford Value Village, visited our friends Lex, Juan-Jose and their 5 week old baby Xander, then visited our friends Chuck, Christine, Sam (2 years) and Will (5 months).
Sunday was another busy day. The rain had let up so we went into Waterford for the final day of Pumpkinfest. We checked out a book sale, went to a car show and checked out the spook house, which in Firda’s words “was more funny than scary” (I agree with her).
In the afternoon we went over to my Great Aunt Angela and Great Uncle Gus’s house to pick up our wedding gift from them, which brings us to the photo. The table was our wedding gift. My great uncle made it with his own two hands. He learnt the carpentry trade back in Belgium before the second world war. He is around 80 years old but he is still busy building things.
Firda and I love the table. What a great wedding present.
P.S. That’s Corner Gas on the TV in the background. Corner Gas is a Canadian half hour comedy, set in a small town in Saskatchewan. Doesn’t sound like it would be funny but it is.

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  1. Cool. Goes with your floor!

  2. And a GameCube! Don’t forget the GameCube! What titles have we been playing lately? 🙂

  3. Dave: Only a guy would notice the Gamecube 🙂
    I also have a PS2 and an XBox. I just got my PS2 back from my brother so I’ve been playing games on that mostly (Ratchet and Clank 2 as we speak). Firda and I just bought Super Smash Bros Melee a couple of weeks back so we can beat each other into oblivion, plus we’ve been known to play some Mario Party from time to time. I was play Viewtiful Joe on it a month or so back but it’s just so darn hard that I get tired of having to replay the same level over and over. Really hard games should be required to have great cheat codes!!