Conspiracy Theory #1

I have a theory that Apple is in league with the world’s eyewear frame making companies. How so you ask?
I believe that by producing the iPod and allowing people to watch their favorite TV shows on a tiny tiny screen, that eventually people who use their iPod frequently for watching video will require to wear prescription glasses. As everyone who has ever purchased eye glasses knows the frames are the majority of the eyewear cost.
Thus it would be in the eyewear frame makers best interest that more people buy iPods, so they can squint at their tiny tiny screens, screwing up their eyesights, thus needing glasses, which include the purchase of eyewear frames. It’s a win-win situation for Apple and the eyewear frame makers.
In league with the devil? I think so.
Firda stated when I told her this theory. Eventually Apple will probably come out with a hip eyewear line, called the iGlass or iWear. Thus cutting out the other eyewear makers and reaping all the benefits. The bastards. First our music, then our eyes and finally the world!!!!

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  1. Heh! I like your theory. 🙂 Although in my case the lenses are much more expensive than the frames – simply because I have such a poor eyesight.

  2. Firda

    Kirsi: Same case with me! Now let’s see if Apple could come up with better and less expensive lenses than my pricey Nikon. That is if Troy’s theory turns out to be true, which I doubt. 😛