Since I didn’t want to bore you all with three posts yesterday (plus I wanted to save some posting fodder for this week) I didn’t mention that I convocated on Saturday. So I’m finally officially a Master of Applied Science since I now have the little peice of paper that tells me so. The ceremony itself was long and boring being almost 4 hours long. It was also a more depressing than my undergrad convocation since I knew very few people at the ceremony. Plus one of my school/work friends is leaving us in a couple of days and I probably won’t see her for a couple of months. Oh well. That is the way life is. People enter and people leave.
P.S. Even though Firda thinks I would kill her if she mentioned that it was I who was convocating I really wouldn’t have kill her. 🙂

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  1. Everything that ends in ‘ed’ turns into homestar-speak in my head now…
    “Sworded!” “Arrowed!” “Convocated!”
    Good Job Grand Master D….

  2. Firda

    The post has a link to you now 🙂

  3. congrats! I hate those long ceremonies as well. I remember simply sitting there and messaging friends the whole time.