Coolest Promotion Ever!!!

Netflix (the online DVD rental store) has a promotion going on called the Rolling Roadshow. Apparently they are showing movies at or close to the key location in the movie. For example, a screening of Field of Dreams is taking place on the baseball diamond where the movie takes place (located in Dyersville, Iowa) – plus Kevin Costner will be in attendance playing music with his band. (Dave I know you’d love to make it to this one).
The movie I’d really love to see would be The Shining. Just think how creepy it would be watching it in the creepy hotel. Sweet.
Sadly I don’t live close enough to any of the screening sites. Cool promo though.

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  1. I would totally go to all of those (Clerks, Escape from Alcatraz, Ferris, The Shining, Jaws, Raising Arizona, the ORIGINAL Poseidon Adventure… heck even The Searchers and The Warriors!).
    Though, I must admit to being very frightened about Kevin Costner having a band?!? Shades of Bruce Willis and the Return of Bruno!!

  2. Dave: When I heard about Kevin Costners band I thought of Keanu Reeves and Dogstar. Though Bruce Willis’ album still brings shivers down my back, especially Respect Yourself 🙂 Apparently he still plays and still calls himself Bruno (remember the cartoon Bruno and the Kid? No? Well no one else does either :))

  3. That creepy hotel is Timberline Lodge, about an hour from me! It’s really cool inside! Really cool!

  4. OK, so the hotel they have featured is not the same one the movie was filmed at, (but rather the one where Stephen King wrote some of the novel,) I’m just noticing… but still, Timberline would be a really cool place to show it too!