Corporate Friday Five

I was already to do the Friday Five this week (which would mean content since I’ve been super busy all of this week and not able or to lazy to post) until I saw the questions.
It’s not so much that I object to being asked questions about brand names it’s just that I don’t really have any brand name allegiences. Okay I do like Pepsi over Coca-Cola but that’s about it. At least that is all I conciously know of. I hate when people label themselves. Especially when they label themselves with a corporate brand name. It seems to me that by labelling yourself you are limiting yourself. At this point I should explain that this labelling expands beyond corporate branding, though corporate branding does seem to play a role.
So I think everyone should stop being loyal to one brand (especially if it is a large multi-national corporation). Buy what you want. If you want the cheapest buy the cheapest, if you want the most environmentally friendly buy the most environmentally friendly, if you want the thing in the shiniest box go for it!

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  1. I like what I’m reading!
    although I’m more of a coke person than pepsi. :0

  2. yo. pepsi rules!!!!!!!
    my current saga is just that–a saga–it has lasted about 3 years. there are a few poems on my site today that might offer some insight though.