Cottage Pictures

I finally took the time to put together my cottage pictures (ie. change the image size, create the picture pages and then upload them). It didn’t take very long. The longest part is trying to figure out something witty to say about each picture. They can be found here. There are 4 pages, each with 5 pictures on, so those with slow connections might be in for a moderate wait 🙂
And for those who care my cottage is on Eagle Lake (the more Southern one since there is another Eagle Lake further north), which is just outside of South River, Ontario. On the map Eagle Lake is the lake with Mikisew Park on it.

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  1. Firda

    It didn’t clear up crokinole to me, but it did clear up why you always loved it up at the cottage 🙂 The place is beautiful!

  2. Nice photo’s Troy!
    They make me think of so many things…
    One of them being that I cannot wait to go again this year! Maybe we can have someone take pictures of us ‘locked in mortal combat’ this time…Tee hee…

  3. Those pictures are great! I got to take a short vacation vicariously through you. I gotta get me one of them cottage dealies. 😉

  4. Wow, the sunset is absolutely beautiful. I like the pictures and they also make me feel like going on a vacation. 🙂

  5. Jennifer

    Those were lovely pictures. It’s funny how the “Cottage” means alot of the same things to people. Grandparents, board games, swimming, nature, spiders biting your bum.

  6. J.

    I came across your page when looking at pages from South River…my hometown!
    It is nice to see some familiar places in your photo album…I’ve spent a few nights camping on Blueberry Island!