Cottage Weekend 2008

Last weekend was the annual cottage weekend. Firda and I, along with nine of our friends, spent the weekend hanging out, chatting, listening the music, battling the bugs, playing board games, eating great food and have a couple of drinks (alcoholic and non).
The highlights of the weekend included:
(a) Seeing a porcupine in the living flesh. It walked by the cottage two times (within 2 meters of the closest person). We followed it into the woods (keeping a safe distance) and watched it climb a tree.
(b) Hanging out with two friends who have been in East Canada for the past couple years.
(c) Watching an amazing thunderstorm on Friday night and watching the neighbour’s hot tub cover float by in the midst of it.
(d) Being with friends for three glorious days and 2 fantastic nights 🙂
The lowlights include:
(a) Being mauled to death by mosquitoes and black flies. I think there may have been deer flies as well.
(b) Not being able to do any boating because of the bugs.
Definitely more highlights than lowlights.
A good time was had by all. Though I’m still recovering from it 🙂

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  1. kaley

    awwww…we miss you guys! and northern ontario too; and thunder storms and sunsets and cottages – NOT the bugs tho!! Can’t wait to see everyone! and yea, porcupines are amazing aren’t they? my cat treed one up in Penetang years and years ago. Lucky cat really that they are so shy…!

  2. Well if you guys can spare a weekend while you are here maybe we could get Caiti and Joe for a weekend up at the cottage. Though I know you’re time is likely accounted for already. 🙂

  3. kaley

    weekends might be difficult – will have to be satisfied with seeing your bright and lovely new house!