Crap! Crap! Crap!

So the 120 Gb hard drive I was so excited about less than two weeks ago died on me over the weekend. I ended up losing about 60 Gb of data. Most of the data lost I can redownload or get elsewhere. Though there is one or two things that isn’t. Damn. I keep remembering stuff that was on the drive.
On top of that I also caught a cold yesterday. I’m at work but really don’t want to be. Thankfully the sore throat part is over so at least I can drink and eat if I want to.

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  1. Fiddy

    Sorry… were warned (about the cold)

  2. I don’t know if I caught it from you. Maybe. I would imagine it was a combination of the rapid weather change. Either way I’m just drained and feeling a little warm. Other than that I’m alright. By the way Future Shop will take the HD back since it’s been less than 30 days. Yipee! Now I just have to try and see if I can get stuff from my 15 gig. Why did I delete all of the crap off of it? Though it looks like I can probably undelete most of the information. That’s the only stuff I’m really worried about. The rest of it I can get again and I’m not that concerned about. As you said it will just take time.

  3. Doh! That bites.
    Don’t recall ever having a whole hard drive bite the dust for me…(Knock on virtual wood) But I have seen it happen many times. Nasty. 🙁

  4. Here’s hoping you’re feeling better soon. Rest & lots of liquids will help rid that cold fast. 🙂
    Any idea when your friend (Weblong Wannabe) will be opening her site [Book of Styles]?

  5. That is sad (both about your hard drive and your cold). I am still remembering things that I lost when my hard drive crashed over the summer. At least you haven’t had it that long so you haven’t collected lots of important stuff that you cannot re-download.

  6. Doh! Dead hard drives are no good. Especially when they are 120 gig drives.

  7. All: Thanks for the sympathy 🙂
    Chaddux: It was a Maxtor 120 Gb 7200 rpm drive. I don’t know any more than that without looking at the hard drive info plate. It’s sold in Canada at Future Shop under the Cicero name. Not sure what that means.
    CJ: As for the Book of Styles you would have to ask Firda herself and see what she says. No guarantee she will reply though. It probably will still be some time until it’s ready to go.