CSS Colouring Book

If you are looking to redesign your site but don’t have enough time to start from scratch you can borrow some of the designs from the CSS Colouring Book. The colouring book is the brainchild of Firda and there are some very nice layouts presented. Since her monitor is on the fritz and she can’t see most colours on it she is leaving it up to the borrower to do the colouring themself, which I think is a great idea.
As Firda says “(the) CSS Colouring Book contains a collection of plain, CSS-intensive weblog layouts that are free for the taking. All the layouts are hugware, which means that if you decide to use any of them, you are required to give someone a hug, or else something bad is going to happen to you.” So if you do use them give someone a hug, and send Firda an email as well (since she loves emails).
P.S. I noticed that a couple of the layouts don’t work properly in IE6.0 but with a little bit of tweaking they can be fixed up. Also all of the layouts are designed for Blogger but can probably easily be altered for use with any of the weblog publishing software out there.

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