Curling for Charity

Tomorrow, which is Saturday on this side of the world, I will be curling for charity. For those of you who don’t know what curling is, which means your not Canadian, you can check out this link to learn about it. This site introduces you to curling and a bunch of the terms with funky little diagrams. The charity I’m curling for is the Hospice of Waterloo Region. The hospice provides a caring environment for the terminally ill in Waterloo Region.
I am going to take my digital camera so I may have some pictures to post about the whole extravaganza.

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  1. Reading about curling is cool, but you have to hear the people yelling at the sweepers…”HARD!”, which usually sounds more like “ARRRRR!”, which makes me think of pirates. hehe, Curling Pirates…
    One day I shall see a live curling game, perhaps even play. But for nowm TV will have to do. Is this one televised Troy?

  2. No matter how I read it, curling still sounds like a wierd game… Need to see one in action before it can seem to make sense