Curling Pictures

I finished making a curling pictures page so that I don’t have to post them on the main blog page. To see the spectacular curling pictures follow this link. They aren’t amazing but they are something.
Maybe someone can help me with a problem I’m having. I’m trying to incorporate a javascript script into the blog (particularly the weblog referrer javascript program which is here. When I include it in the main page code it ends up limiting the blog length (or height) to the size of one page so you can no longer scroll down the page. It’s kind of fustrating since it makes no sense to me. Oh well. Life doesn’t make sense to me either and I can handle it.

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  1. Nice pictures you got there 🙂 Now I can understand a bit better about curling, kinda like bowling but seems a bit more fun (kill your opponents!:)..
    Your little javascript problem is not because of the javascript, but a BUG in IE’s css rendering, kinda sucky, but SMooSH solved it, I think.. Anyways, try to get a better css script, like the ones in and start off from there.. Nit’s site is a derivative, and you’ll find that hers will not have this problem..
    This problem only exists in IE5.0 to 6++, but in Mozilla, Opera and other browsers (except netcaptor) will render it just fine..

  2. Oh yah, that cute girl, Youngae, is she Korean? 🙂

  3. Youngae is Korean. She is a graduate student as well. Too bad she has a boyfriend 🙂

  4. Suck my

    hey what up peeps curling is gay and i mean that in a bad way!