Donnie Darko – Part 2

After watching the movie with the director’s commentary on and going through the website again I think I understand the movie, at least in my mind. I just don’t know if I could explain it to someone else. Now for those of you who haven’t seen the movie I would suggest you go out and rent it and watch it and be confused. It’s not a David Lynch kind of confused, where you know there may be no way to explain the movie since the director can’t even explain it, but a good confused. The kind that makes your mind work overtime trying to figure out what happened in the movie.
I’ve been watching a bunch of movies lately. It’s partly because of the rerun season being in full swing and the fact that it’s been raining a fair amount for the past couple of days.

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  1. Firda

    “Donnie Darko” has no zero chance of playing in Indonesian theatres. They just don’t play movies that require you to think to understand here. Must be because they think people go to movies to get entertained, not to get them to think. At least that’s what my mum once told me. And it’s yet another reason why I think you wouldn’t like it here in Indonesia 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see this film. Speaking of Lynch, I watched Mulholland Drive last night and whoaboy. Maybe next Tuesday (when all movies are $1 at the Video Whorehouse, er, Warehouse) I’ll rent Donnie Darko. I’ve been wanting to see it since I found out it was a remake (in its own way) of Harvey, one of the best movies ever.