Donnie Darko

I finally watched Donnie Darko tonight (my exciting attempt at a Friday night). I must say I really really liked the movie but I’m a bit confused. I think I know what happened but there are things that happen in the movie that confuse me a little. I suggest you watch the movie, come onto this site and tell me what happened. 🙂

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  1. If you have a chance to see the DVD’s audio commentary, it explains A LOT. Otherwise, we can talk later. My friend and I have discussed that movie at length. It is an obsession shared by an ever-increasing few.

  2. Donnie Darko, I saw it. I think. I understood it at the time, but seem to be losing grasp on it as time progresses.
    It was a fun movie…It made me laugh and laugh…

  3. DamN! I knew I should have watched the commentary! hehe
    I think I understood it pretty much.. but I watch so many movies that it’s hard to remember anything anymore!
    BUT! I liked it a lot. 😀

  4. SmooSH are you sure you watched the same movie? 🙂
    And I plan to watch the commentary track right now. Actually I think I will play with the website right now. If you haven’t seen the website it’s really really cool.

  5. For all those who care do to the Donnie Darko website and go through the pages. After doing that I understand the movie quite a bit more.