I had an interesting dream last night that I have to recall before it all slips away.
I dreamt that I was going to a conference in the states. The conference was on the American side of the border by Windsor, Ontario. For those of your who know the geography of Southwestern Ontario you’ll know Detroit, Michigan is on the American side of the border. I think I was going to this conference with someone from my undergraduate class.
We ended up going to this motel/hotel that was suggested to us by the people who set up the conference. It ended up that this place was a type of mental institute. It wasn’t the kind with locks on the doors, bars on the walls and electroshock devices. It was a cushy mental institute. When I talked with the supervisor of the institute he said that according to the medical tests, we took in order to come to the conference, it would be beneficial if I stayed at the institute for the duration of the conference. To straighten things out here. We are not required to take a medical exam when we go to conferences.
I also remember going out to a bar the first night we were in the states. I bumped into a friend of mine who goes to school in Windsor. She was there with a girl I didn’t know and at one point she broke down and cried. She wouldn’t tell me what was wrong but I thought it might have something to do with her boyfriend/fiancee.
There was more to this dream but I can’t remember any more of it. I remember taking a trip with my undergraduate friend to a town a couple miles away from the institute but I don’t remember why.
The thing about this dream is why was I in an institute? Is my subconscious telling me something? Am I losing touch with reality? Who knows? You probably don’t even care 🙂

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  1. Firda

    I’ve been dreaming of my own death for as long as I can remember. I’m still not dead yet. I usually dream about things that I fear or things that I want. I ‘ll leave you to figure out whether death is what I fear or what I want 🙂

  2. Perhaps you have some problems which you feel you cannot solve on your own? Perhaps your mind is hinting that you need help with some issues. The fact that the institute was cushy, and almost inviting is a good sign. Perhaps that shows that these problems are not severe enough to require the scary kind of institute.
    The conference theme seems to point to social issues and/or situations. This paired with your “Making Friends” entry could mean something.
    But Maybe….
    Maybe you are longing to be in a mental institute so that you need never again conform to the rules of conventional society. Maybe you are not looking to be cured at all.
    Dreams…Who knows what they mean. We can try to understand them, but that doesn’t seem to work. I find that they just remind me of things that I need to remember. Like to buy Cheerios and such…

  3. SMooSH’s interpretation of your dream is very interesting. I also think that it’s got something to do with your previous entry about “Making Friends”. I do remember how happy you were when you went to Indiana to give the presentation last year. You made some friends from the US and had a great time there. Perhaps, you long for the opportunity to travel and meet new people.
    As for going to the mental institute, I suppose maybe you’re not willing to conform to the norm and society’s pressure. Or perhaps, you just need to get away from it all for a while especially since you had the arguement with your housemate last week.
    Dreams are weird and it’s just how our human brains work to sort out our jumbled thoughts.