Driving to the Soo

Here’s a list of what Firda and I did today:
– got up and picked up a rented vehicle
– drove for around 9 hours to Sault St Marie, Ontario
– had dinner at Muio’s Family Restaurant where we were surrounded by Finnish people. Not sure who they were though it looked like it was a group of 15 to 20 teenage girls with three chaperons.
– listened to the Finnish girls sing happy birthday to a little boy in the restaurant (who they did not know).
– did a little bit of walking around close to the hotel we are staying at. I was worried that Firda wouldn’t have anything to do when I’m working tomorrow but there seems to be plenty to see within walking distance.
What we will be doing tomorrow:
– I will be working for most of the day with a client.
– Firda will be exploring the downtown area.
What we will be doing on Friday:
– driving back to Stratford (though I’m unsure if we are going to rent the car for an extra day and stay at a motel/hotel somewhere along the route).
It was a long day. Now I rest.

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  1. How did you realize they were Finnish? I hope they were behaving well. 🙂

  2. hugs to you both.

  3. Kirsi: A couple of the girls were wearing scarves with the Finnish flag on. I didn’t know by the language 🙂
    She: I hope you’re doing well! Hugs to you too.