E-Mail in the Future

At some point in the future I think spam is going to clog everyones email box. Everyone will be on every spam list so that no one will be able to get real emails from friends or family because their mailbox will always be full. At that point people will stop relying on the computer to remain in contact with people and will once again resort to written letters and the telephone. I guess we will still have online messengers like ICQ but at some point the spammers will figure out how to bug us all the time while we are using them. Actually maybe this whole Internet thing will crumble and fall due to spammers. They will figure out how to use our browsers against us and then people will just stop using the Internet. They will use their computers for computer games and find information in books. We will de-evolve technologically. It could be possible.

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  1. analogy: “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
    seems quite fitting, no?

  2. I hope that if this whole internet thing fails, we will resort to using helper monkeys to deliver our mail.
    Even if they were carrying junk mail, how could a monkey with a mailbag be a bad thing? Unless it was a mail carrying ebola monkey. Then I suppose it could suck. But if I were to get the ebola virus, I would definitly want to get it from a mail carrying monkey. Monkey. Monkey monkey monkey. (Me, bored at work? Nahhhh…) Monkey.