Earliest Memories

A couple nights ago before falling asleep Firda asked me what my earliest memory was. I thought about it and couldn’t tell for sure. I have many memories that I believe are from between the ages of 3 to 5 but the timeline is a little messy. Some of my early memories include:
– Talking with the bumblebees buzzing around the flowers outside of our house in Cambridge. I seem to recall thinking that the bees understood me.
– Walking along the top of the retaining wall between our backyard and the neighbours, which I fell off and recieved stiches on my chin.
– The wonders of the attic when I was allowed to go up there with my dad.
– Being held down by the doctors and nurses as I recieved stiches in my forehead (after falling and hitting it on the staircase).
– Staying at my aunt and uncles when my parents went to Europe.
– Playing with the neighbours St. Bernard dog.
– Holding a garage sale prior to our move to Wilsonville. Miss Hall (another neighbour) tried to sell her electrical organ but it didn’t move.
– Watching 5 minutes of Creepshow at the neighbours and having the scene with the severed head on a plate burned into my brain.
– The father of the neighbours dressed up as a gorilla for Halloween.
Those are a couple of my earliest memories – though I’m unsure about the sequence in which they happened.
How about you? Think back to your earliest memories. Can you remember how old you were when they happened and what were they?

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  1. toooo cute about the bees understanding you!