Hello Everyone from Edinburgh. This is truly a beautiful city and is in stark contrast to Glasgow which was a little dirty and grimey. We have been on the run from day one. We’ve done a fair amount of stuff. I just got back from a Monet exhibit at the Royal Scottish Academy which was pretty cool. Yesterday we climbed Arthur’s Seat which is a mountain 251 meters (above sea level) high. Amazing view from the top. Other than that we have just been bumming around the city and taking it easy. The hostel we are staying in is cool except for the fact that we are on the main floor and all drunking partyers seem to think that having a conversation outside of my bedroom window is a good idea. Oh yeah add to that the fact that during the Fringe Festival bars don’t have to close. That means noisy loud people until all hours of the night.
Tomorrow we are heading up to the cottage we rented in Aviemore. We are renting a car and driving up. Though first we have to meet up with our German friends who are driving from Germany to meet us. Preliminary plans were made. Let’s hope that we have no problems finding them.
I’m going to assume that after tomorrow I won’t be able to check my email until I get back (since I doubt Aviemore has internet access). As well I can’t access my email at this moment (the server might be down or something) so I can’t reply to anyone. Pictures will be forthcoming when I get home. I promise they will be spectacular 🙂 Or maybe not.

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  1. pah! when did arthurs seat become a mountain?!
    glad you are enjoying edinburgh. :o)