Elvis Has Left The Building

It’s been a while since I posted anything here. I apologize for that. I went away for the weekend so didn’t have anytime to write anything during that time and then I just haven’t been feeling up to posting early this week.
My weekend was interesting. Went up to Huntsville to see an ex-graduate student who lives up there. A bunch of other people went as well (other current graduate students, ex-graduate students, girlfriends and others). Friday night we didn’t do much other than drink and drink. I gave myself a wicked case of heart burn that night since we ate tonnes of junk food and then drank on top of it. Saturday was spent ice-fishing and snowmobiling. We headed out at 10:30 got to the lake set up our little fishing area, broke ouf the alcohol, snowmobiled, bar-b-qued, did a little snowboarding befind the snowmobiles (I didn’t do that since I would have killed myself) and then left to go home. We didn’t actually catch anything except maybe a hangover and a sunburn. The weather was beautiful on Saturday (a high of 11 degrees Celsius) so it was nice just being able to sit around and bask in the sun. On Sunday we didn’t do much. Everyone was recovering from Saturday so we just packed up and headed for our nice warm beds back home.
Nothing much has happened this week. I stayed home on Monday since I needed to catch up on sleep plus my stomach was feeling a little out of whack. I’m much better now though. My motivation level at school/work has increased quite a bit as well. I think it’s due to the fact that I am actually working on something I don’t mind doing. Other than that nothing is new.
Oh yeah and how cool was it that Willow made a guest appearance on Angel last night? So cool. I also figured that Faith would make it back to Sunnydale at some point. 5 by 5! 🙂

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  1. Fiddy

    Query: How does the title apply?
    Also, It was about as cool as a penguin in wintertime……did I catch something there between Willow and Fred? (Don’t turn Fred over to the other team, Please!!!)

  2. Anonymous

    I think that was my first comment…I guess this would be my second….or last….

  3. I don’t know how the title applies. Don’t ask me silly questions 🙂