Monday. Oh how I despise thee!
How’s everyone doing? My weekend was fun and I shall recap it for you all right now.
Friday night I went to my friends art show opening, which in my eyes went quite well. A lot of excellent art work and if I had more money than I do right now I would buy several of them. We ended up hanging out at the museum until 10 or so and then went back to the home of one of the featured artists (John) and had a bonfire.
Saturday we didn’t do much. I was going to go up to Guelph to see a female musician by the name of Sarah Slean but I decided against it, though I really would have loved to see her play. I instead went shopping in Brantford and then helped a friend clean up his house so we could watch Game 4 of the Toronto vs. Carolina hockey game. A bunch of people came over, the ordered pizza and watched the game. The game was quite exciting but I wasn’t all that into it. We then watched “The Big Lebowski“.
Sunday a bunch of my friends came up to Waterloo and we saw Star Wars Episode II. The theater we saw it at was equipped with digital light processing (DLP) which is the way George Lucas wants the film to be seen. It was interesting. I liked how vibrant the colours were and the clarity of the image was. The only downfall I could see is that at times it just seemed too pixelly. I don’t know if it was just me but I noticed that some edges in the movie tended to be jagged in a pixel like way. Overall I liked the movie. It wasn’t amazing but it was worth my 8 dollars. After the movie we went out to the Mongolian Grill for dinner and then they left.
All in all it was an excellent weekend. Though right now I’m in a reflective mood. I had a dream last night that effected me and got me thinking. Have you ever had a dream where it makes you rethink everything about you and your future? This dream did that a little bit. I don’t want to go into the details of the dream but it was intensive enough to effect me.

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  1. Firda

    I had a nightmare last weekend in which my brother went missing and my mother was dying and I felt really, really lost. That was my worst kind of nightmare. I’d rather dream of getting chased by blood-thirsty aliens or of my own death than dreaming of losing people that I love.

  2. I saw SWEII on the DLP screen too, and I noticed the same pixelation. It usually appeared on the edges of the screen, rather than in the middle…but, like you said, it was still worth it. 🙂

  3. Firda

    I slept on and off from 4pm till 1:30am and at some point I had a dream and in that dream there was you but I’m not really sure what the dream was all about. All I know is that we were just standing in the mist with several other people. Not quite sure who. Silly dream 🙂