Friday Five – March 5th, 2004

New Friday Five this week. It might not be original but it sure is blog fodder:
What was…
1. …your first grade teacher’s name?
First grade I don’t remember. In Kindergarten my teacher was Ms. Seal (as far as I recall). You see my parents moved when I was in Grade 2 so unlike those people who stayed at the same public school who were around the same teachers for 7 to 9 years of their life I don’t recall my earlier teachers. The name Ms. Peat seems to stick in my mind but I’m not sure if that is right.
2. …your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?
I think it was Spiderman and His Amazing Friends which was on just before the Incredible Hulk cartoon. Man did I ever hate the Incredible Hulk. He always signaled the end of Saturday morning cartoons for that particular Saturday. Remember when the major American stations (CBS, NBC and ABC) use to have sneak-peek shows just before the new Saturday morning lineup started. I always loved those. They’d give sneak peeks for the new cartoons. So cool.
3. …the name of your very first best friend?
His name was Louie. We met when we were four. We spent the afternoon playing with our “Little People” toys on the corner of Borden Street and First Avenue in Cambridge. That was back in the days when parents weren’t afraid of their children being kidnap. We spent the whole afternoon playing and talking. I don’t know what four year olds have to talk about but whatever we did it was great.
4. …your favorite breakfast cereal?
I was raised on sugar cereals (leading ultimately to many many cavities). My favorites included Rocky Road (marshmallows coated in chocolate!!!), Count Chocula and Golden Grahams. Ah those sweet sugar highs and the deep down sugar lows 🙂
5. …your favorite thing to do after school?
I watched a lot of TV when I was younger. Go-Bots, G-Force [aka Battle of the Planets], Gilligan’s Island etc etc etc. Way too much TV. Though it didn’t seem to damage my brain that much. The only adverse effect is that I know too much about crappy old TV shows. Damn you Misfits of Science!!!!

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  1. If I may inquire, what powers your Books list? A simple mySQL script? Thanks. Very nice design btw.

  2. The booklist is just straight CSS based HTML. I’m not smart enough to use a mySQL script 🙂 As for the design check out Firda’s site since she is the creative mind behind this design. Thanks for the comment.

  3. The booklist is powered by Troy’s hand so it’s done manually. Troy is good at manual work 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    OMG! I thought I was the only one to look at G-Force.
    Small world.

  5. How about clipping the cat’s nails a little?