Friday Five – September 19. 2003

This weeks Friday Five is about music which I really like so why not put up my answers?
1. Who is your favorite singer/musician? Why?
Hmmm. Tough one. I don’t think I can come up with an answer for this since I like different singers and musicians for different reasons. If I had to choose I’d probably have to say one of my favorites is Badly Drawn Boy but that is an off the cuff response. There are really too many great musicians to choose from.
2. What one singer/musician can you not stand? Why?
Anything that remotely sounds like SlipKnot or Korn or whatever else. I don’t know what you call that crap. I know it’s a form of Metal but is it Death Metal? I like to call it Crap Metal with Crap Musicians 🙂
3. If your favorite singer wasn’t in the music business, do you think you would still like him/her as a person?
I think Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy) would be a nice down-to-earth type person in real life. I know he puts on a hell of a show (haven’t been to one but heard about them) and gets the audience involved so he must like people. I’m sure he’s a nice guy.
4. Have you been to any concerts? If yes, who put on the best show?
I have been to many concerts and I would say that the Bjork show I went to two weeks was the best show I’ve been to. Though if I’m going to a concert I like the band already so I’m very rarely disappointed.
5. What are your thoughts on downloading free music online vs. purchasing albums? Do you feel the RIAA is right in its pursuit to stop people from dowloading free music?
Since I have purchased close to 700 CDs I think that I’ve paid my dues. If I decide to download a couple songs I don’t see what is wrong with that. Usually the only time I download songs are (a) when I want to check out a new artist and get a feel for what they are about before blowing up to 20 dollars on their CD; (b) want B-sides and singles that are only found on discs that were sold outside of North America which I could buy for 40 bucks but would rather not; (c) when I can’t find a place that sells an album for less that 20 dollars because I think we are over paying for music as it is.
And there we go. Another Friday Five. Another week done!!

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