Friday Q – August 6th, 2004

I promise I will tell you all about my past weekend at the cottage with my friends but for now you’ll have to be happy with this weeks Friday Q.
FQ TOPIC: Childhood.
FQ1: Where did you live out your childhood years?
I spent my time from the birth till I was 6 in Cambridge, Ontario living on First Ave and going to the Tait Street School. Following that my family moved to Wilsonville where I spent the rest of my childhood.
FQ2: As a child, what was your favorite toy, book, television show, and cartoon character?
Favorite Toy: My dog stuffed animal who was made for me by my godmother and who I slept with every night. I think I called him Scruffy.
Favorite Book: The Monster at the End of This Book starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover.
Favorite TV Show: Mr. Dressup, Sesame Street and Battle of the Planets (G-Force).
Favorite Cartoon Character: Speedy Gonzales “the fastest mouse in all Mexico”.
FQ3: Charm us with a favorite childhood memory…
Most of my favorite childhood memories had to do with summers at our cottage. The drive up was exciting, the time there was exciting. The only bad part was the drive home, which I still think. I remember having a good time in the water and even remember when we had no electricity, phone and running water. I’m thankful I can still go to the cottage and relive some of those memories.
FQ PHOTO-OP: Show us a photo of just how adorable you were as a child.
Pots and Pans.jpg
My favorite past time as a baby. Playing with the pots and pans. I don’t know how old I was when this picture was taken 2 or 3 most likely.

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  1. I think you would have been my daughter’s kindred spirit! ‘Cept with her, it’s the salad tongs. She always knows where they are, no matter how I try to hide them from her.
    Cute pic.