Gay Adoption

I’m currently watching a local call-in show where the question is “Should Gays Have the Right to Adopt?”. The “Yes” side is supported by Hillary Cook who is a spokesperson for EGALE (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere) and the “No” side is supported by Reverend Ken Campbell who is the director of the Canadian Civilized Majority . This topic was probably spurred by the Primetime special with Barbara Walters last week.
I am watching this show and can’t understand why someone can be that ignorant and intolerant. The Reverend arguing for the “No” side makes me mad. His main argument is that the “well being of the child is the most important thing” and this is his reason why gays shouldn’t be able to adopt children. The only negative effect that he can come up with is that the child is denied the influence of both sexes during their development, but using this argument would also mean that being raised by a single parent is not in the well-being of the child. He hasn’t come up with any good arguments for his side of the discussion and the few people that support the Reverend haven’t been very useful either.
As you can tell I don’t see any problem with gay adoptions. I would rather see a child being adopted and loved by same-sex parents than being moved around from foster home to foster home. I do agree with the Reverend that the “well being of the child” is the most important thing but that doesn’t mean that being raised by gay parents isn’t in the “well-being” of the child. I know several gay people and I think any of them would make great parents and create a loving nuturing environment.
I think the main thing that makes me made is that he is a Reverend and people look to him for guidance. If he is teaching them that homosexuality is evil and unnatural I don’t want to meet anyone from his congregation. I know that not all of his congregation would think this way (since I still believe that you can go to church and have a mind of your own). It just bugs me that he is using his beliefs to argue about something like this. I really dislike when people believe in something so strongly that there is no way to change their way of thinking.
That is enough of a rant for now.

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  1. Troy.. check out the URL in my tagline – you will dig it.

  2. I don’t have any objections with gay adoptions but it’s a definite no-no in Singapore. As I’ve mentioned in our ICQ chat the other day, I’ve also got gay friends who would make good and responsible parents. There’re still plenty of conservative people out there.

  3. The idea of believing something so strongly that you will not listen to a reasonable argument really bothers me.
    Good point about the single parent situation.
    I too would rather see a child in a stable environment, rather than numerous foster homes.
    As long as the home is full of love and compassion, what does it matter who lives in it?