Haiku – Wes Anderson (Day 10)

The Wes Anderson.
Beautiful film making man.
Two films in two nights!

Firda and I are planning on going out to see Wes Andersons latest movie The Darjeeling Limited.
Firda and I sat down and watched the Criterion collection edition of Rushmore last night. Firda has never seen it before, and this was my fourth or fifth time.
When I saw Rushmore for the first time (back in my high school days) I was slightly disappointed. I had high hopes for the movie – since it looked great from the trailers. I guess I has anticipointment (a word coined by They Might Be Giants at a concert in Toronto which means “you anticipate something so much that there is no way you can be anything by disappointed by it”). I wasn’t going to let my anticipointment beat me – so I sat down and watching it again (a couple weeks after seeing it the first time). Upon second viewing I started to realize the beauty of the movie – the subtleties of the movie, the amazing cinematography, the richness of the colours, the deliberateness of the settings, the depth of the characters. I came to love the film. And with the viewing last night I noticed new things that I hadn’t noticed in earlier viewings – for examply the writing on his typewriter box indicating it was given to him by his deceased mother.
I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with the movie tonight.

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