Halloween’s Just Around the Corner

We were out doing some “thrift storing” tonight and were reminded that Halloween is just around the corner. The costumes (and 1970s clothing) were flying off the shelves, likely for parties this weekend.
I’ve always enjoyed Halloween, but recently I haven’t had a reasons to dress up. No parties to go to, no kids to take out trick or treating. That’s okay. Some day I’ll have a little one that I’ll be able to take out (hopefully).
To get into the mood check out this video. Last year a bunch of musicians (including Beck, Feist, Buck 65, the Postal Service, members of the Arcade Fire, etc) and comedian David Frost got together and made this song and video for UNICEF. I love the video and love the song. So good. It’s also fun trying to figure out who is singing (if you know any of the musicians). A little background on the song.

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